New traffic arrangements for Albert Street

12th June, 2014

KINGSTON - Motorists are being advised that as of Monday June 16, 2014 - East and West bound traffic on Lamaha Street will be prohibited from turning right into Albert Street.  

Advance warning and junction signs have been installed and the traffic signals will be adjusted accordingly to allow for faster discharge of traffic through this intersection.

Motorists should be careful to observe the No Right Turn Symbol.

What that means is that:

  • If you are driving on Lamaha Street, when you get to the junction of Albert Street, you will NO LONGER get a GREEN Arrow to turn right into Albert Street.
  • Albert Street is NOT being converted into a one-way street, ONLY that right turns will be restricted from Lamaha Street into Albert Street.
  • Left turns from Lamaha Street into Albert Street and Right turns from Albert Street into Lamaha Street will continue as before.

Overall motorists will encounter fewer delays at this junction.