14th January, 2019


The Cooperative Republic of Guyana

Ministry of Public Infrastructure (W.S.G)

Rehabilitation of Urban Roads, Regions 2,6&10

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure invites sealed bids for the:


Lot 1: Nursery School Road, Richmond Housing Scheme, Essequibo, Region 2

Lot 2: Sideline Dam, Henrietta, Essequibo, Region 2

Lot 3: Main Street, Charity New Housing Scheme(including link to Public Road), Essequibo, Region 2

Lot 6:Bristol Street, Angoys Avenue, New Amsterdam, Berbice, Region 6

Lot 7: Levi Dam, Angoys Avenue, New Amsterdam, Berbice, Region 6

Lot 8:Lucast Street, Corriverton, Berbice, Region 6

Lot 9: Patrick Dam, AngoysAvenue, New Amsterdam, Berbice, Region 6

Lot 10: Second Cross Street, Rosehall, Berbice, Region 6

Lot 12: Bacchus Street, Wismar, Linden, Region 10

Lot 13: Homestretch, Christianburg, Linden, Region 10

Lot 14: Johnson Ring, Block 22, Linden, Region 10

Lot 15: Main Street, Amelia’s Ward (South), Linden, Region 10

Lot 16: Proctor Road, Kara Kara (Old), Linden, Region 10

Lot 17: South Lane Road, Amelia’s Ward (South), Linden, Region 10


  1. Bidding will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding procedure specified in the Procurement Act 2003.
  2. Interested bidders may obtain further information from, inspect the bidding document, and purchase a complete set of bidding documents at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (address (1) below) between Monday to Thursday (09:00 to 16:30 hours), and on Friday (09:00 to 15:00 hours), from Tuesday, January 15, 2019.
  3. A complete set of the bidding documents, in English, may be purchased by interested bidders at address (1) below upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Three Thousand Guyana Dollars (GY$3,000.00). The method of payment will be cash, or by cheque payable to the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Guyana. Electronic submission of bids will not be permitted.
  4. Bids will be opened in the presence of bidders’ representatives and anyone who choose to attend at the address (2) below on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 at 09:00hrs. Late bids will be rejected and returned to bidders unopened.

Address (1)      -Purchase and Inspection of Document:

The Coordinator

Works Services Group –

Ministry of Public Infrastructure

Fort Street, Kingston,

Georgetown, Guyana.

Tel: (592) 225 3252 Ext 345

Fax: (592) 225 2689


Address (2)      -Submission and Opening of Bids:


The Chairman,

National Procurement and Tender Administration Board,

Ministry of Finance,

Main & Urquhart Streets,

Georgetown, Guyana