CJIAC’s taxi drivers & Red Caps urged to be better ambassadors

8th October, 2013

TIMEHRI - One of first impressions passengers arriving at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport gets of Guyana is from the interaction with the Red Cap porters and taxi drivers, which CJIA’s management intends to build on.

At a meeting held a few days ago, the airport’s Chief Executive Officer Ramesh Ghir; Commercial and Administration Manager Durrsattie Doodnauth and Safety Officer Manmohan Balram engaged in a candid discussion with the authourized taxi drivers and Red Cap porters. It was held in the CJIA Viewing Gallery Lounge.

“You are our ambassadors and the image portrayed has to be one of professionalism,” CEO Ghir stated.

Given the fact several complaints have been laid against both drivers and porters - Ghir wanted to nip any problems in the bud before it festered. According to him, customer service is a significant boost to any airport and “our own should not be any different.”

Furthermore, a new system was unveiled to taxi drivers, which will permit a smooth and efficient shift arrangement.  

“They will operate a turn system whereby passengers will go with the next taxi in line. This will eliminate individual taxi drivers themselves approaching passengers and trying to coerce them into using their service. It will be more structured and lend to be better experience for the passengers” Ghir explained

Overall, drivers agreed with the plan, which will get into effect shortly. He also acknowledged there will be teething problems that will be rectified along the way.

The CEO underscored the fact that the quality of service delivered to passengers “should and will remain top class”.