Boat Operators benefit from MARAD training

24th July, 2014

KINGSTON - Conservation International and the Guyana Tourism Authority partnered with the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) to provide training and certification for boat operators in the Annai-Rupununi area on July 17, 2014.

The training and certification program was conducted by MARAD at Bina Hill in the Annai area.

Participants were drawn from Surana, Apoteri, Yakarinta, Kwatamang, Crashwater, Rewa, and Aranaputa Villages located in the Annai area.

At the end of the training, twenty-one (21) successful participants were awarded the Certificate of Competency to operate as boat Captains under the Licensing of Ships Regulations, 2001.

The Maritime Administration Department is committed to promoting maritime safety throughout Guyana. In this instant the Department’s effort in the Annai- Rupununi area will now empower boat operators to legally ply their trade and enhance their income earning potential, particularly in the tourism sector.