49 year-old missing in boating mishap

14th October, 2013

KINGSTON - Patrick Kellowan is reportedly missing following a boat collision which occurred on October 12 in the lower Pomeroon River.

 According to the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD), the mishap happened approximately 21:50 hrs.

It is alleged that Edroy Gill, 22; Marloh Chappelle, 66 and Kellowan, 49 left a cricket match under the influence of alcohol and boarded a Ballahoo - and while proceeding up the river collided with a fishing vessel, which allegedly had no lights. The impact caused Kellowan to be tossed in the river where he immediately went down.

The police is currently investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, MARAD officials have expressed their regret at this unfortunate incident and will be conducting an immediate investigation.