45 hauled before the court for not using overpasses

13th May, 2018

Over the past week, the Guyana Police Force Traffic Department has been on a campaign that has seen some 45 persons being charged for avoiding the use of the newly constructed overpasses.
The charge instituted against the people was that they failed to use the overpasses recently built across the East Bank Public Road.
Many pedestrians traversing the East Bank Public Road have no idea that not using the overpasses constitutes a charge, and as such, a great many of them learnt the hard way in the past week. Persons who have been found not using the overpasses have been arrested, made aware of the offence committed and placed on $5,000 station bail.
On Thursday morning, there was an overflow of individuals at the Providence Police Station. They would have been arrested and were being processed for charges in relation to the offence of Crossing. Many of these individuals claimed ignorance of the laws.
When the Traffic Corporal was asked about the police decision to charge persons before a rigorous sensitization campaign, this publication was informed that the police have been stopping and warning individuals of the unsafe practice of Crossing on the roads where overpasses have been created for their safety.
This publication has since learnt that most of the individuals who were charged, were reprimanded and had their cases discharged, but the inconvenience created has left a bad taste with them.

Kaieteur News report